Sponsorship For 2018-2019

Below we have a link for this years sponsorship chances. This year we have expanded our donation chances to appeal to a wider variety of donors. We thank you in advance for your donations.

Sponsor Level Letterhead

Sponsor Rewards

All rewards are compounding with the level below it.

All Sponsors

All sponsors are allowed to come to the sponsor meal that will be held after the end of the competition.

Friends and Family

Receive a special thanks on our team brochure at the competition and get a special thanks on our website.

Individual Silver

Get your company logo on our sponsor page

Individual Gold

Get your company logo on our brochure.

Individual Platinum

Get your company logo towards the top of our sponsor page and in a larger size (replaces the smaller logo from Individual Silver) and your logo on our shirt.

Corporate Silver and Above

A donation of this size will get your company logo on our main page, a large logo on our shirt, and a special, personalized, etching designed and printed by our team.