October 22, 2018

Build:Build will be modifying the arm and attaching the string in order to retract the arm. In addition they will attach the claw/scoop.

Marketing: As robotics comes to an end with only a week left we finish up any last minute changes to the presentation and finalizing and reviewing our speeches.

Booth: Booth is finishing putting on the information and pictures to the booth. Also they will be finalizing their speeches in order to be prepared.



October 18, 2018

Build: Today build is going to work on the constraint in order to hold the robot to the platform so it wont lean. In addition they are going to work on the arm of the robot after completing the body, the arm and claw is the next step.

Marketing: Marketing will be working on the presentation in order to make it perfect. Also the speakers will rehearse their speech to perfect it as well.

Booth: Booth will be adding support to the background to ensure it stays standing during the competition and not fall over. They will be working on their speeches to present on their booth.



October 16, 2018

Build: Today, build is going to finish the robot, making sure it stays on the platform without losing balance or leaning. This will ensure we are able to get points and achieve us a victory.

Marketing: After losing a member due to reasons we are getting another member to replace the speaker. We are going over the presentation again and practicing our speeches.

Booth: Booth will be finishing the background for the waves and netting of the boxes. Also they will be formatting their presentation.

Notebook: Brandon is currently writing about our Mentors and how they contributed to Dragon Techs.

October 15, 2018

Build: Today Build is going to continue working on the motor placement and then work on the claw function to perfect the robot.

Marketing: Marketing, is currently reviewing the speakers positions and jobs/roles. They will be going over their speech and being judged.

Booth: Booth, is going to continue to work on the background design. They are outlining the waves to endure the detail is perfect.


October 9, 2018

Build: As of right now, They assembled and cut pieces of robot, additionally they tested the base in order to ensure the best robot.

Marketing: Marketing is currently presenting to children about ocean pollution. Also we inserted the demographics into the chart on Mind The Graph.

Booth: Today, Booth is finishing up the background for the competition. In addition, they are painting the box for the submarine.

Notebook: Brandon, is currently working on reviewing all the materials so far to ensure our content is academically correct.

October 5, 2018

Build: Today, Build is finishing the cuts for the 1st platform for the robot. Next, they are going to assemble the pieces together. Finally, they will double check the 1st base to ensure everything functions properly.

Marketing: Currently marketing, is finishing with the infographics needed in the presentation. We also competed another mini-building activity in order to ensure the speakers are always ready.

Booth: Today, booth is painting the background for the presentation. They are designing waves to match the theme this year, marine life.

Notebook: Brandon, is currently going over the notebook to make sure that everything is on point. Like our model “No Excuses” he is clearly exemplifying this value.