Meet Us

The Dragon-Techs is a team that promotes STEM field occupations. We are continuously seeking opportunities for our members to grow their passion for engineering. Our club stands to allow students to forge friendships while also forging the robots they may be making one day in the future. We do not expect all of our members to pursue STEM careers but as long as we are able to give them an appreciation of engineering we know we have done our job.

Our members:


  • Troy Mills Marin


  • Dania Fernandez

Build Team

  • Mariana Ortega
  • Ethan Salinas
  • Matthew Landeros
  • Michael Hand
  • Daniel Rodriguez
  • Romeo Puente

Booth Team

  • Mariela Castillo
  • Sahaira Bedolla
  • Isaiah Loya

Marketing Team

  • Zusi Cuevas
  • Mason Hohnadel
  • Jose Villafranca
  • Anya Forbess
  • Miguel Ramirez
  • Felipe Macias
  • Alicia Harris

Notebook Team

  • Brandon Barron