Build:  Chair- Rene Avila.

For today’s agenda Tennyson is going over the old robot used last year and its functions to the new build team that just joined. Also Rene is cutting out gears from wood for the new robot that is going to be used for CROSSFIRE- our new theme.

Booth: Chair- Shenika Castillo.

During booth the new members and old ones are going to start on the Vex robot; a robot that is a mini version that demonstrates the strategies used during build and used in a mini game to show how our robots work. Also they will be starting on the actual booth and its layout (4 x 8). The last thing will be starting to gather information to post on the boards to present their information.

Marketing: Chair- Jessica Morales.

For marketing the members are going over branding and its importance. The members have also went over the old presentation and how to make this year’s presentation better. Along with this, they will continue to recruit new members especially freshmen.

I, JV will be keeping you updated on our current endeavors as the season continues.


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