October 5, 2016


Today we have started off a good day. All members have arrived,and are getting started at the tasks at hand. They will continue their work on their presentation. While Mateo works on putting pictures on our website. We will also find out who will be speaking at the competition.


The Build team has finished designing and creating the robot. Now they have to get it driving. They want to have it done by the parade so they can show it off. So look for us in the Parade! They also have to put in the coding to make the controller actually command the robot.


The booth team only needs to cut out the roof for the booth. They have prepared every thing else.  They are still awaiting their materials. Once the materials are received, they will start the construction.


Fundraising has to continue on their quest to get sponsors to help fund us.  They have already received 8 sponsors and are still looking for other prospects. They have gotten El Gallito and many more.


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