October 4, 2016


So today we are having our mini competition to decide who will speak at the competition. We are going to head into R. Lopez’s room to give our speeches. First started Juan, so he went on for 4.15 minutes. Next Jose , went 2nd and got a time of 3.21. Finally for the day Zusi went and had a time of 4.59. On top of that, they began the slideshow.


For build the students have to re modify the arm for the claw because of minor errors. Now they are going to perfect the error and make the robot better. They have been modding it so now they are testing it out. They have been slowly but surely adjusting the robot for its best performance.


In Exhibit, students have been designing a border for ply-way. Also they have been working on creating another key chain previous from there first one. The leader has started on the brochure about the our entire team and all of its features from square one until the final phases. Aldric and Jay have also started the barn door that will be used on their exhibit.
















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